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Sweet Tarts

 | Tart StrawberriesTart StrawberriesThe classic combination of strawberries and vanilla cream in a baked pastry shell. Bon appetit! $45.00 AU Qty
 | Tart AppleTart Appleapples on a bed of apple puree. Simple and tasty. Perfect topped with scoop of vanilla ice cream $45.00 AU Qty
 | Tart ApricotsTart ApricotsApricots and almond cream on a crunchy puff pastry $45.00 AU Qty
 | Tart ClafoutisTart ClafoutisTraditional French tart with black cherries covered with a thick flan-like batter. $45.00 AU Qty
 | Tart NormandyTart NormandyWarm, sweet apples on a golden puff pastry base make are a wonderful match in this legendary tart. $45.00 AU Qty
 | Tart Pear ChocolateTart Pear ChocolateA perfect combination between chocolate and pear William $45.00 AU Qty
 | Tart TatinTart TatinFamous tart from Tatin sisters with apples caramelized in butter before the tart is baked $45.00 AU Qty