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Created in 2008, Monsieur Macaron was established to pay tribute to a delightful
and very special French confectionery: le macaronØ 45mm

Monsieur Macaron is the first producer of Handmade macarons in Brisbane.

Working with passion, our patissier, is producing exceptional quality macarons with
Highest Quality Australian Ingredients available in 6 flavours.

All of them are baked everyday following a unique and traditional French recipe.


Clear Plastic Pyramid Display splitting levels to rent: (Deposit of $100)
- 4   levels fit up to 20 Macarons (D: 18.00 cm, H: 15 cm)
- 5   levels fit up to 30 Macarons (D: 20.50 cm, H: 20 cm)
- 6   levels fit up to 42 Macarons (D: 23.00 cm, H: 25 cm)
- 7   levels fit up to 56 Macarons (D: 25.5 cm, H: 30 cm)
- 8   levels fit up to 72 Macarons (D: 28.50 cm, H: 35 cm)
- 9   levels fit up to 90 Macarons (D: 31.00 cm, H: 40 cm)
- 10 levels fit up to 120 Macarons (D: 33.50 cm, H: 45 cm)


 | Macarons Pyramid DisplayPyramid 110 macaronsClear Plastic Pyramid Display splitting levels to rent: Deposit of $100$30.00 AU Qty
 | Macaron Apple CrumbleMacaron Apple Crumble$2.50 AU Qty
 | Macaron Blackcurrant  violetMacaron Blackcurrant violet$2.50 AU Qty
Macaron Blood Orange$2.50 AU Qty
 | Macaron Bubble Gum RainbowMacaron Bubble Gum Rainbow$2.50 AU Qty
 | Macaron Caramel SaltedMacaron Caramel Salted$2.50 AU Qty
 | Macaron ChocolateMacaron Chocolate$2.50 AU Qty
 | Macaron Cookie CreamMacaron Cookie Cream$2.50 AU Qty
 | Macaron LamingtonMacaron Lamington$2.50 AU Qty
 | Macaron Nutella HazelnutMacaron Nutella Hazelnut$2.50 AU Qty
 | Pistachio MacaronMacaron Pistachio$2.50 AU Qty
 | Macaron RaspberryMacaron Raspberry$2.50 AU Qty
 | Rose PetalMacaron Rose Petal$2.50 AU Qty